Elementary School Lesson Plans

These lesson plans have been developed specifically for  the early grades.

Lesson Plans by SC Educators
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Silent Resistance – The Silent Fight for Civil Rights While Enslaved

This website looks at one of the most common and important acts of resisting the institution of slavery: maintaining cultural identify.  By keeping the cultural traditions of their homeland alive, they silently resisted the psychological breakdown during the process of enslavement and continued their fight for their civil rights while creating a new and unique culture.

Learning about the Civil Rights Movement through Primary Sources and the Arts

The lesson plans in this website allow students to travel through five stations with five different teachers (or can be taught as a five-day unit with one teacher) to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. Teachers can dress up like a famous Civil Rights Leader and lead the lesson as if it were that person telling the story of the Civil Rights Movement.

Desegregation of Schools

Students will analyze five primary source documents/images to discover the realities of the events that happened after Brown vs Board of Education and during desegregation of schools in the Civil Rights Movement. 


A Process for Protests and Progress

Students will examine how the March on Washington impacted the Civil Rights Act.


Civil Rights: Making it Real & Relevant to Students

The students will be able to use primary sources to appreciate the relevance of the Civil Rights movement.

Library of Congress Civil Rights Lesson Plans